Allan Brooks Nature Centre Society

To assist with phase one development of a regional biodiversity conservation strategy for the north and central Okanagan.

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Okanagan Biodiversity Strategy

In 2011, Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program (OCCP) partners (including Allan Brooks Nature Centre) started the process to create a biodiversity conservation strategy in the central and north Okanagan regional districts. The partners' analysis looked at four key components:

  • Conservation ranking of ecosystems;
  • Relative biodiversity;
  • Linkages between natural areas; and
  • Land tenure.

The analysis produced a series of maps by regional district area, together with findings that summarize risks to biodiversity and conservation priorities for the regional districts and the communities within them.

Over 220 professionals and other stakeholders have had the opportunity to learn about the project and offer feedback.

The strategy has the potential to influence regional growth strategies currently underway; in fact, several local governments are using the mapping and information to develop their official community plans. To date six jurisdictions have used map data to support land management decisions.

The OCCP is working with its sister organization, the South Okanagan-Similkameen Conservation Program, to integrate this work with a similar project in the adjacent region and produce an Okanagan Basin Biodiversity Conservation Strategy which spans all three regional districts.