The Real Estate Foundation's enabling legislation, the Real Estate Services Act (BC), empowers us to support real estate and land use related research, public and professional education, and law reform, as well as other real estate and land use related initiatives intended for the public or professional good.

Real estate is property consisting of land, and the buildings, structures and natural resources on it.

Our Aim

The Foundation's overall aim is to transform land use attitudes and practices, thus contributing to resilient, healthy communities and natural environments. Our grant programs support progressive initiatives that address current challenges and plan for the future.

Land use is the human use of land – that is, management, conservation and modification of natural environments, built environments and semi-natural areas –  for the purpose of supporting human settlement and communities.

Research and experience tell us that fresh water, sustainable food systems and well-planned built environments are integral to sustainable communities. Accordingly, the Foundation applies these focus areas to its General Grant Program.

Sustainable land use is land use that enables humans to thrive within nature's limits; it integrates social, environmental, economic and cultural objectives into policy and practice for the long-term well-being of communities and ecosystems.