How to Apply

Online Application System

REFBC has transitioned to a web-based system that will require applicants to create login accounts and submit grant applications online. All new grant applications must go through our online system.

The web application system asks for largely the same information as our previous applications and the online application forms will be available roughly two months prior to a deadline. You can view downloadable versions of the application forms from our prior intakes by selecting the links at the bottom of this page. These are available for reference and any draft content will have to be entered online prior to the deadline.

The system, built using Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM), will ensure a smooth and secure grant application process and will allow applicants to save partially completed applications, check the status of their application online and manage any subsequent steps in the application and grant process.

Please contact our Grants Coordinator (Nick Davies | 604.343.2626) if you have any questions about the grant application process or would like to discuss our funding criteria and eligibility. If our Grants Coordinator is unavailable please contact one of our Grants Managers.

Downloadable versions (for reference if preferred)

If you would prefer to work on your application offline you can download the following documents (Note: Bear in mind that content will have to be copied to the online application for submission and that the answers are required in plain text format - i.e. Word document formatting features may be lost and/or benefit from format editing after copying):