From time to time, the Foundation undertakes its own projects, either in partnership with other organizations or independently, to achieve outcomes that further our legislated purpose and mission.


BC Snapshots

Through a series of reports, REFBC will collect and share key data points that affect our interests in freshwater, local food and the built environment.


BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative

A partnership between REFBC, Tides Canada and other funders, the Freshwater Legacy Initiative will help build community capacity to ensure the successful development of watershed governance institutions.


The Built Environment in BC

In 2015, we began research on the state of built environment sustainability in BC. Our research included an examination of current trends, a public opinion poll and recommendations for making our built spaces more sustainable.


Food Systems Public Opinion Poll

In 2014, we partnered with the Vancouver Foundation and commissioned a public opinion study on food systems in BC. The purpose was to inform discussion and decisions on the future of the ALR, a provincial land-use zone that protects farmland and land with potential to be farmed.


Local Food Futures for British Columbia – Regional Dialogues and Report

We, along with the Sustainable Food Systems Working Group, hosted six regional dialogues on sustainable food systems around the province in 2014.


State of the Water Movement

A report published by the Real Estate Foundation of BC and the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance at the University of Victoria - "The State of the Water Movement in British Columbia: A Waterscape Scan & Needs Assessment of the BC NGO Sector" compiled data from interviews with 11 freshwater leaders and an online survey completed by 61 non-governmental organizations working on water issues across BC.


BC Public Opinion Study: Fresh Water

In 2013, the Real Estate Foundation of BC and Vancouver Foundation commissioned a public opinion study on attitudes toward freshwater issues in British Columbia.


Alternative Sources of Capital for Social Housing

Access to capital has been one of the critical issues affecting the health and long term viability of social and affordable housing. Policy makers, housing providers and other stakeholders have sought various ways to bring capital into the sector in order to address growing demand for such housing.