BC Snapshots


Through a series of reports, REFBC will collect and share key data points that affect our interests in freshwater, local food and the built environment.

You can't change what you can't measure.

That’s the premise behind the REFBC series of “BC Snapshot” reports, which introduce a framework and indicators for tracking BC progress towards sustainability goals related to fresh water, the built environment, and food systems. Through this project, the Foundation aims to better understand the state of each area, as well as the direction and pace of change.


Murky Waters: Taking a Snapshot of Freshwater Sustainability in BC

Full Report | Topline Findings | Media Release

In Search of the Good Life: Taking a Snapshot of Built Environment Sustainability in BC

Full Report | Topline Findings | Media Release

Taking a Snapshot of Local and Sustainable Food Systems in BC - coming Jan. 2018

Our Process

To help choose which data points to measure, the Foundation has worked with teams of grantees, project partners, and subject matter experts. Project teams have chosen metrics that align with the outcomes and goals already identified by Sustain BC (food), Our Living Waters and the Smart Growth Task Force.

Our findings will be released in the fall of 2017 as a series of reports. In future years, we may update the reports with new data and insights into trends, changes, and emerging issues.