BC Water Sustainability Endowment Fund

Water, Water Everywhere

You drink it. You bathe in it. You water your lawn and wash your car with it. You fish in it. You power your appliances with its energy. You build your home so you can be close to it. And, you often take it for granted.

When not planned properly, urban development and agriculture can degrade drinking water; diminish water-based recreation and tourism opportunities; lower real estate values; damage fish habitat; increase the costs of clean-up and pollution reduction; and reduce aesthetic values of lakes, streams, and coastal areas.
At the Real Estate Foundation's request, the Vancouver Foundation established the BC Water Sustainability Endowment Fund in 2010. The income generated from this fund will support non-profit activities in water sustainability in the province of British Columbia in the foreseeable future. The first BC Water Sustainability Endowment Fund Grant was awarded in 2011. Click here for more information and the current application form.
The endowment fund was launched with proceeds from the inaugural Land Awards Gala in 2010. In its first year, over $39,000 was raised. Annual gala proceeds are further building the fund. We invite ongoing donations to the fund.