CEO Blog: Land Access Guide for Young Agrarians

young agrarians

In 2012 a new group called the Young Agrarians started up in partnership with the Vancouver-based non-profit organization, FarmFolk CityFolk.

Based on the American Greenhorns, the Young Agrarians are connecting young farmers (under 35) and their supporters – using new media and in-person gatherings – to grow the sustainable food movement, healthy farm culture and organic food. They are starting in BC, and going national by 2014.

One of the major barriers for new farmers is accessing land. Land is expensive, and farmland that has a good water supply, fences, outbuildings and other useful features is not always easy to come by, even if you can afford it.

Recently, the Young Agrarians produced two practical resources with the assistance of a Real Estate Foundation grant. The Land Access Guide 2.0 provides information, advice, Web links and tools for young farmers who are facing barriers to accessing land and resources for farming. For example, it outlines tenure options (like owning and leasing) and farming arrangements (like co-ops, community farms and incubator plots), describing what they are and their pros and cons. Short case study stories illustrate the real-life successes and challenges of young BC farmers who are pursuing these various options.

Young Agrarians has also produced an interactive digital map that displays the locations of, and information about, apprenticeship opportunities, farms, events, education, land and more.

As young agrarians themselves, the Young Agrarians know how to make those connections – for education, support and networking – with their peers. As an organization that funds land use initiatives that advance sustainable food systems in BC, the Real Estate Foundation is pleased to be able to support their land access project.

- Jack Wong