Finding Common Ground: Actions for a Local, Sustainable Food System


three people creating a mapHow can we get more B.C. food on more B.C. plates?

Last year, that question brought together dozens of British Columbia agri-food sector leaders for a one-day forum, hosted by the Sustainable Food Systems Working Group (SFSWG). The “Finding Common Ground” forum helped to build a shared understanding, explore common interests and find opportunities to move forward together on initiatives that foster local and sustainable food systems.

Building on feedback and ideas generated at the forum, the SFSWG has released a summary report, which outlines five province-wide priorities for action:

  1. Increase knowledge about sustainable local food systems among the general public and policy makers
  2. Expand local infrastructure for food processing, storage, and distribution
  3. Support and encourage established farmers and new entrants to all food system industries
  4. Protect, enhance and maintain access to agricultural land (foodland) and water
  5. Increase institutional procurement of local, sustainable food

At the forum, participants also worked to build a map of the B.C. food system, which identified producers, processors, regulators, educators, distributors and consumers. The map is available online and is also included in the summary report.

REFBC and the SFSWG are planning a larger, two-day summit to continue work on identifying further steps and actions.