Guest Blog: Cowichan Green Community Is Sharing Passion for Food Sustainability

Kin Park Youth Urban Farm was opened on April 6, 2013, transforming underutilized green space into the region’s first ever youth led urban farm, a social enterprise that increases access to local food and engages and educates the community in sustainable food production.

About the author: Judy Stafford is the Executive Director of Cowichan Green Community (CGC). Since she began in 2007, CGC has grown from a small community society to an organization that has expanded to reach across the region. Judy works closely with the community and farmers to raise awareness about food security and support for local, sustainable food systems.

greenhouse-seedlings webcopy250.jpgCowichan Green Community Society is an environmental non-profit organization located in the Cowichan Region, and has been a leader in the food sustainability movement for over a decade. One of the most rewarding aspects of being linked up with CGC is that there is always a multitude of learning opportunities available at any given time and they seem to always be serving delicious food!

Bee Workshop_webcopy250.jpgCGC is widely recognized as the go-to resource for anything “foodie”: from growing, to harvesting, to eating. If you want to know about becoming healthier, improving your own garden space, or what latest proposed bills or policies are underfoot that may affect the agriculture sector, CGC’s staff are at the ready. From leading workshops, to creating innovative programming, to collecting petitions, to just hanging out in gardens teaching children about beneficial bugs, there never is a missed opportunity to share the passion.

Thomas Mulcair visit4webblogbody.jpgAll of CGC staff, board, volunteers and supporters have one thing in common – they all love food! They understand that creating a sustainable food system is one of the critical cornerstones for a healthy community. It is the sharing of knowledge that will ensure everyone is fed, good stewardship of our environment is happening, farmers are honoured, relationships are strengthened, and traditional teachings are cherished. Now, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that kind of inspiring vision?

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Sustainable Food Systems is one of the Real Estate Foundation's grant program focus areas. Many of our food systems grants are local-scale projects that offer education and tools to help communities develop policies, plans and practices in support of more sustainable food systems. In 2010 we awarded a $5,000 grant to Cowichan Green Community to support the Edible Neighbourhood Project; in 2011, our $10,000 grant helped to establish a youth-led urban farm.

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