Leading BC Research: Alternative Sources of Capital for Affordable Housing

Atira Women's Resource Society's Imouto container housing project, Vancouver BC

Atira Women's Resource Society built Imouto, a non-profit housing development created from shipping containers, in Vancouver's downtown eastside. (Photo: Atira)

What happens when governments have limited funds to invest in social or affordable housing initiatives?

Access to capital has been one of the critical issues affecting the health and long term viability of social and affordable housing. Policy makers, housing providers and other stakeholders have sought various ways to bring capital into the sector in order to address growing demand for such housing.
Findings from a joint Real Estate Foundation of BC and BC Housing project that profiles leading research on alternative sources of capital will be featured for the first time at the International Housing and Home Warranty Conference, being held from September 7-10 in Vancouver.

Two of our grantees, Ecotrust Canada and the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria, played key roles in the research, along with the Housing Services Corporation of Ontario.

Speaking of the research, Foundation Grants Manager Leanne Sexsmith said, "This is high quality, cutting edge work. The models bring together public and private interests, and stimulate inter-agency cooperation – both of which are known to result in more innovative, collaborative, performance based programs – and ultimately better outcomes. Senior government and many others are paying attention."

A summary overview and full reports on the six alternative models are available for download. (Note that the six models are contained in three reports.)

The research will be featured at the conference on Tuesday, September 9th from 11:00 a.m. -12:15 p.m.