Welcome Noemi!

marine building doors

The REFBC office is located in the Marine Building (355 Burrard St.), in Vancouver, BC.

NoemiThe Foundation is pleased to welcome Noémi Pomerleau, who will be covering the Administrative Coordinator role while Kimiko Johanson is on maternity leave. While at REFBC, Noémi will be supporting both the staff team and the Board of Governors.

Noémi brings five years of experience in administration and communications. Her background includes training in radio broadcasting and work in both non-profit housing and the videogame industry. Outside of work, she is the Communications Officer for the Vancouver Comic Arts Association, and is part of the team that organizes the annual Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. In her spare time, Noémi enjoys photography, video games and travelling.

Kimiko will be on maternity leave from September 26, 2016 to September 18, 2017. During that time, Noémi can be reached at 604.343.2623 or by email at noemi@refbc.com