Oct 08, 2015

Welcome Robert Goertz to the Board of Governors

We are pleased to welcome our newest governor, Robert Goertz to the Foundation board. Robert is the third appointee from the BC Minister of Finance.

Picture of Program leads and practicum students

The Indigenous Community Planning Initiative is a five year pilot project. The Real Estate Foundation awarded a grant of $316,723 to support an adjunct practice professor position. Photo: Jeff Cook, UBC Scarp

Sep 23, 2015

Indigenous Community Planning: Partnerships and Hands-on Learning

In 2011, the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia granted $316,723 to UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP). Watch our latest Project Spotlight Series video!

Hudson's Hope Mayor Gwen Johanson shows highlights of the Peace River Valley to CEO Jack Wong and Governor Mandy Hansen.

South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program's Bryn White, REFBC Chair Kelly Lerigny and South Okanagan Real Estate Board's Louise Baier met in 2013 to discuss a collaborative project that would deliver seminars on best practices for developing land near streams and other sensitive habitats.

Aug 19, 2015

A 30 Year Legacy: Professional Excellence in Real Estate Industry

Many people wonder why we are called the Real Estate Foundation, and how real estate is connected to the work we do. Learn more about how we were created, how your property sales benefit the entire province, and how we support real estate education.

BC Produce. Photo: Flickr

Jul 23, 2015

CEO Blog: Why We Care About Local Food

This week we look back on the work we have funded in Sustainable Food Systems, one of our granting program areas. Our CEO Jack Wong takes a closer look at what this means, and why the Real Estate Foundation believes it important to healthy BC communities.

Jul 15, 2015

Fresh Water: BC's Precious Resource

With the province currently facing serious drought conditions, the issue of protecting our freshwater resources has never been more top-of-mind for British Columbians. Learn more about what the Foundation is funding in the area of Freshwater Sustainability.

Jul 09, 2015

CEO Blog: What is a Sustainable Built Environment?

This week we are highlighting projects and acheivements in our Sustainable Built Environment program area. Our CEO Jack Wong explores what this focus area is all about, and the work that the Foundation has been involved with.

The Mayor’s Council worked collaboratively with Metro Vancouver’s municipalities to develop an action plan to improve and expand our transit and transportation system. Pictured: Commercial Drive Station Photo: Stephen Duffy

Jun 26, 2015

June Grants Approved

Our staff and board held strategic planning sessions and board and grants meetings in Campbell River in June. Photo: Kimiko Johanson

Jun 26, 2015

June Grants Approved

The Real Estate Foundation's Board of Governors approved 12 grants at the June grants meeting, totalling $875,000, taking our total to $1.2 million for 2015.

Vancouver will host the 2015 Building Opportunities Conference June 1 - 3. Photo: Flickr

Apr 30, 2015

Building Opportunities: The Social Purpose Real Estate Conference

The Social Purpose Real Estate Conference, Building Opportunities, is being held June 1-3 in Vancouver.