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What is it?

Water is central to ecological health and supports our communities and economies. BC’s watersheds (systems of rivers, lakes, snow melt and ground water) provide freshwater to sustain human and animal life, and to support industry and agriculture.

Land use and real estate practices have significant impacts on the quality and supply of freshwater. By using research, education, law and policies we can support sustainable land uses and promote freshwater governance to ensure that British Columbia has enough clean water to meet current and future needs.

Why is it important?

Managing fresh water is made challenging by outdated plans and tools, inadequate infrastructure and incomplete information about streams, lakes and aquifers. Well-researched policy, planning, and management practices can help address these issues to support our freshwater systems.

Our interest

In our work as a grantmaker, convener and collaborator, the Real Estate Foundation of BC supports work that:

  • Builds community capacity to protect and conserve freshwater through watershed management, planning, governance and policy
  • Engages citizen scientists to expand our understanding of sustainable water stewardship, conservation and management
  • Increases water literacy through education and public engagement

Want to learn more?

Download “Freshwater Insights” – topline findings from an REFBC-commissioned public opinion survey.

REFBC Initiative: Sustainable Funding for Watershed Governance Initiative

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