Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society

Many volunteers are needed to help build Fresh Roots' educational market gardens at Vancouver schools. (Photo: Fresh Roots Urban Farm)

To grow the model of using school board land to set up market gardens, providing food and outdoor classrooms for school children.

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Educational Market Gardens

In March 2013, Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society built and opened a schoolyard market garden at Vancouver Technical Secondary School. In June 2013, they opened their second market garden at David Thompson Secondary. These urban farms were the first of their kind in Canada – a unique land access model that worked in collaboration with the school board and the community.

The market gardens provide food for school cafeterias, outdoor learning opportunities for students and viable farming enterprises in the city.

In collaboration, Fresh Roots fields are used as outdoor, hands-on learning classrooms where school communities and residents of Vancouver address food security and community health, and enable vocational skills development.

Our grant supported the Society’s efforts to grow the land access model of using school board and, potentially, other publicly owned lands to set up community-engaged market gardens.