BC Real Estate Association

For a stakeholder meeting to identify an action plan for updating inland floodplain maps in BC.

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Floodplain Mapping Workshop

On March 8, 2013, the British Columbia Real Estate Association hosted a workshop in Vancouver to examine the state of floodplain maps in BC. Many maps are 20-30 years out of date so some local government decisions on zoning, development, and infrastructure are based on inaccurate information.

This collaborative project invited a range of organizations from all levels of government, First Nations, engineering, and insurance and development industries.

Nearly 70 decision makers and practitioners involved with flood management, land use and emergency management met to express their shared concerns. Participants discussed technical, financial and political perspectives in terms of challenges and opportunities.

The key output of this meeting, the comprehensive Floodplain Action Plan was created, which will guide critical next steps to move forward on updating BC’s outdated floodplain maps.

Our grant helped bring together a broad range of professionals to facilitate a common effort toward more sustainable land use planning.