Stream of Dreams Murals Society

For Byrne Creek secondary students to create community maps to show connections between the natural areas and "hardscapes".

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Mapping Where We Live

The 2012 BC Water Sustainability Endowment Fund grant was awarded to Stream of Dreams Murals Society for "Mapping Where We Live," a project they undertook in collaboration with Byrne Creek Streamkeepers and Byrne Creek Secondary students in southeast Burnaby's Byrne Creek watershed.

Byrne Creek flows through storm drains and pipes, a forested ravine, farmland, and a golf course on its way to the Fraser River. It is regularly monitored by Streamkeepers, but has a struggling salmon population due to storm drain pollution and loss of natural streamside habitat (including soil and vegetation).   

Stream of Dreams started working with Byrne Creek Secondary art students in September 2012. Over the school year, the art teachers and Stream of Dreams worked with a local ecologist and the students to create community maps that show the inter-connections between Byrne Creek's natural areas and the "hardscapes" of the city, such as roads and storm drains.

Twelve of the student maps were chosen and displayed at the nearby Edmonds SkyTrain bus shelter. More than 11,000 people a day are able see the maps and learn about the watershed, human impact, and how to improve the health of the stream.

The Byrne Creek mapping project promotes the sustainable use of waterways, reflecting transformation in the community and, hopefully, inspiring local residents and travellers to adopt more watershed-friendly behaviours in their own lives.

The Foundation produced a short video of the "Mapping Where We Live" project; it was shown at the 2012 Land Awards Gala in Vancouver on October 26th. The gala is open to the public and proceeds will, once again, go to the endowment fund.

The BC Water Sustainability Endowment Fund was established in 2010 in conjunction with the inaugural Land Awards Gala. The income generated from the fund supports non-profit activities related to water sustainability in the province of BC, in perpetuity. Donations to the charitable fund are accepted on an ongoing basis.