Bird Studies Canada

Boundary Bay is globally important bird habitat. This snowy owl was one of 15 spotted by the photographer in the marsh area south of the Delta Dyke Path. (Photo: Bill Anderson via Wikimedia Commons)

Planning to Conserve Bird Habitat and Biodiversity

Building on previous work, Bird Studies Canada (BSC) worked with local governments in BC's Lower Mainland and Okanagan regions, and on the east coast of Vancouver Island, to develop policies and plans to conserve bird habitat and biodiversity; this included advancing the Important Bird Area program.

The organization provided data and customized assistance such as:

  • New and updated maps for several Important Bird Areas (i.e. sites that provide essential habitat for Canada’s bird populations);
  • Maps showing local patterns in water bird habitat use; and
  • Input into several local government policy and planning documents, including official community plans.

BSC will stay connected with the local governments they worked with, offering follow-up assistance to implement policies where needed.

BSC also created publicly available resources for municipalities, regional districts, other organizations with relevant mandates, and homeowners:

In addition to targeted outreach and online documents, the organization reached over 30 local governments at the Union of BC Municipalities convention in fall 2013.

They also participate on the City of Vancouver’s Bird Advisory Committee, and hope to help implement the Vancouver Bird Strategy and design guidelines.