Fraser Basin Council

To pilot the use of Salmon-Safe development principles and practices in urban areas through an eco-certification process.

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Salmon Safe BC is the first eco-certification initiative in BC to focus on protection of water quality and wildlife habitat to transform land management practices so that Pacific salmon can thrive.

This pilot initiative was introduced to BC in 2013 to address land use impacts to water quality in urban areas and encourage best practices in land and water management.

The Real Estate Foundation provided a grant to the Fraser Basin Council to support the pilot project using Salmon-safe development principles and practices in urban areas, aligned with our program areas in both the built environment, and freshwater sustainability.

In early 2015, Mountain Equipment Coop completed their new LEED platinum certified head office, and underwent certification to be the first Salmon-Safe certified urban site in BC.

The Salmon-Safe communities Pilot Program has engaged professionals and decision-makers from key stakeholder groups to disseminate information on the importance of and opportunity for innovative water-sensitive urban design.

City of North Vancouver, City of Vancouver & Vancouver Parks Board, City of Burnaby, City of Surrey and in person meetings with sustainability managers at academic institutions UBC and SFU, among others, have helped raise awareness of this initiative.

A case study on water quality and quantity improvements following Salmon Safe certification or implementation of low impact technologies will be conducted later in 2015.

Next steps will include:

  • Development of continuing education program for various professional associations on the importance of low impact and regenerative design and to promote the principles of Salmon-Safe certification
  • Ongoing outreach and dialogue with urban properties to build awareness and increase the number of certified sites
  • Continued conversations with a variety of public institutions and land managers to explore opportunities to improve management practices through site assessment and certification
  • Conduct case study research on best practices for urban storm water management and land use across BC and the Pacific Northwest.