How to Apply

REFBC’s grant program generally follows a formal process with two stages:

  • Stage one: A full application is submitted at the intake deadline. REFBC’s grants team reviews these applications, provides feedback and shortlists projects for stage two.
  • Stage two: Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit an updated application for full due diligence review prior to the final funding decision.

Notes: Depending on the nature of applications, some may not be requested to complete updates or revisions as part of a Stage 2 (at the discretion of REFBC). All Real Estate Industry Grants will be "shortlisted" for funding decision by REFBC's Board of Governors.

Before you apply

  • Will the applicant be a registered non-profit or C3?
  • Does your project match our funding interests and meet our criteria?
  • Have you reviewed our application questions and completed a budget?
  • Have you discussed your project with one of our staff members?

Completing a grant application can be time-consuming. If you’re interested in applying for an REFBC grant, we encourage you to first contact our Grants Coordinator, Nick Davies, by email or phone (604-343-2626) to discuss eligibility, project fit and likelihood of funding. If our Grants Coordinator is unavailable, please contact one of our Grants Program Managers.

Applying online

REFBC accepts applications through a web-based system, built using Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager. To apply for grant funding, applicants must create a login and submit their grant application online. We do not accept applications submitted by email, fax or regular mail. (If there are exceptional circumstances, we may grant an exception.) 

The web application system allows applicants to save partially-completed applications, check the status of their application online and to manage any suggested changes or revisions.

Forms (for download - reference and drafting)

If you’d prefer to start your application offline, you can download a copy of our application and budget forms below (please note: you will need to copy content to our online system to submit the application and it only accepts plain text, so any specialized formatting from MS Word may be lost when copying over).