Fraser River Discovery Centre Society

During the Discovery Centre’s Taking the Pulse of the Fraser education program, students begin their water quality investigation by observing the Fraser and taking a water sample to test. (Photo: Fraser River Discovery Centre)

To develop a resource package to help educators teach about water quality and inspire students to connect with water on a personal level.

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My River My Home Teachers' Guide

The Fraser River Discovery Centre Society created the "My River My Home" teachers' resource package to support school-based education on freshwater sustainability across BC.

The free resource is designed to help prepare for a class visit to the My River My Home exhibit at the New Westminster centre, but activities can be completed in a variety of classroom settings, or at a local body of water.

It includes 25 lesson plans, for grades three to nine, divided into five sections:

  • Connecting to water on a personal level
  • Exploring sustainability
  • Understanding water quality
  • Putting the Fraser River into a global perspective
  • Becoming active citizens in water issues

The resource was developed in a highly consultative manner, drawing on the expertise and experience of a ten-member working committee, with hands-on testing and feedback from 24 educators (current teachers, retired teachers, and Simon Fraser University and University of BC teacher candidates and their instructors).

The multi-disciplinary topics and approach make insightful connections between land use, human activities and watershed sustainability. Discussion and exercises focus on impacts at multiple levels – from individual actions and impacts to those at the regional and provincial level (e.g. BC’s groundwater regulations).

To date, the Society has reached over 1,500 students and teachers through this project.