Small Housing BC Society

Laneway Housing is one of the housing forms examined in the toolkit. Photo: Lanefab Design

For research and development of a toolkit on small housing solutions in the Lower Mainland, directed at policy makers and planners.

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REFBC provided a grant to Small Housing BC to research the spectrum of small housing forms across North America in response to the movement away from large, free standing houses of auto oriented communities and meet the demands of contemporary housing preferences.

The result was Small Houses: Innovations in Small-scale Living from North America – a toolkit showcasing 10 innovative examples of housing under 1500 square feet from around North America, intended to give people a better understanding of alternative small housing forms. 

The toolkit surveys and documents recent innovations in small house types, from small lot homes to cottage housing, in places where the regulations have been purposefully designed – or substantially reformed – to encourage the development of well-conceived small forms of housing.

Small Housing BC plans to launch the toolkit with partners at the Museum of Vancouver and Science World - which will include a presentation to Metro Vancouver planners and members of BC Housing.