BC Wildlife Federation

Explaining the hydrological issues at Lazo Marsh with the Wetlands Education Program.  Photo: Jason Jobin, Flickr

to support delivery of six workshops in four regions of BC aimed at wetlands conservation and restoration initiatives.

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This project delivered workshops and supported community and local government capacity building for wetlands conservation and associated policy work in four areas of BC: Vancouver Island, West Kootenay, Omineca, and Skeena regions. 

It also provided coordination for activities of the Wetlands Stewardship Partnership of BC, a multi-agency collaborative of government and non-government organizations working to maintain, restore, and protect wetland ecosystems throughout BC.   

Key Achievements:

  • Draft update to Wetland Action Plan for BC completed
  • Six workshops held with almost 200 participants 
  • Raised awareness and empowered groups to conserve and protect wetlands
  • Wetlands Institute Workshops provided training that directly resulted in repair and restoration of six wetlands.
  • Local and regional government and community stakeholders were brought together to share resources and prioritize regional wetland conservation activities.
  • Wetlands Stewardship Partnership of BC was able to prioritize and scope initiatives for the next 3-5 years, improving mapping and inventory data at a province-wide level, enhancing engagement among stakeholders, and exploring options for a wetland mitigation policy for BC.

BC Wildlife Federation has since been invited by three separate organizations to return to Northern BC for further training, and additional workshops are planned in First Nations communities for wetland mapping and assessment.


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