Are Our Water Systems At Risk?

At least $13 billion of additional investment is need to renew and replace water and wastewater infrastructure. This does not include investment required for upgrades to address resilience for seismic or storm events. Photo: Flickr

A new report from the BC Water & Waste Association explores the state of our water, sewer and storm water systems in the face of aging infrastructure, growth, strengthened regulations, seismic risk, and climate change, and the capacity of local governments to maintain and renew water and wastewater infrastructure.

The report asks key questions:

  • Are BC municipalities financially well positioned?
  • Are water and wastewater rates recovering the full cost of service, including infrastructure renewal and replacement?
  • How much investment is needed to sustain our water and wastewater infrastructure?
  • Are municipalities financially ready for unexpected costs or failures?

Read the Summary Report | Full Report

The BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) is a not-for-profit association representing over 4,700 water professionals who are responsible for ensuring safe, sustainable and secure water, sewer, and stormwater systems in British Columbia and the Yukon. The BCWWA’s members include facility operators, utility managers, engineers, consultants, suppliers, government policy and enforcement staff, and researchers from across the BC and Yukon region.