June Grants Approved

Our staff and board held strategic planning sessions and board and grants meetings in Campbell River in June. Photo: Kimiko Johanson

The Real Estate Foundation's Board of Governors approved 12 grants at the June grants meeting, totalling $875,000, taking our total to $1.2 million for 2015. This list is ordered alphabetically, by recipient organization.

Rivershed Society of British Columbia for the Watershed Solutions Project to guide community plans to improve land and water land use practices within the Fraser River Basin. $20,000

Stewardship Pemberton Society to create an plan for "Community Agricultural Parks" on local government land, in partnership with the Village of Pemberton. $20,000

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, Inc. to review existing and emerging indigenous watershed initiatives and co-governance arrangements to help watershed planning and governance in BC. $40,000

Fort Nelson First Nation to develop objectives and management options for water use in the territory that maintains traditional use and treaty rights. $50,000

Fraser Basin Council to develop a Nechako Watershed Strategy to advance stewardship and ecosystem-based management, and identify priorities for action. $45,000

Wildsight for a Citizen Science Series to engage and help communities to collect data and monitor lake, river, wetland and aquifer health. $150,000

Community Energy Association for a Community Energy Leadership Program, to build climate and energy knowledge among elected officials and interested sectors. $80,000

University of British Columbia for the next stage of the Community Energy Explorer project, an online resource to help build understanding on community energy planning. $80,000

Cowichan Green Community Society for the Cowichan Incubator Farm Pilot project to support training and education of new farmers in the region on an urban demonstration site. $20,000

Fraser Basin Council for stage 3 of "Smart Planning in Action" - a program that helps rural and First Nation communities understand integrated sustainability planning. $90,000

Sierra Club of BC Foundation for the Youth Environmental Leadership Program, hosting youth-led conservation workshops and leadership training on Vancouver Island. $20,000

Simon Fraser University Adaptation to Climate Change Team to build on the Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance Program with focus on the intersection between water, food, energy and biodiversity. $300,000