CEO Blog: What is a Sustainable Built Environment?

As we look back on the past year at the Foundation, we are focusing this week on our Sustainable Built Environment program area. Our CEO Jack Wong explores what this means, and why the Foundation has invested millions in projects across BC.

What is a sustainable built environment?

The built environment refers to the buildings and infrastructure that support human settlement. The way we plan, design, build, and operate our physical infrastructure has significant economic, social and environmental impacts.

Projects that focus on improving land use policies, development incentives and regulations, as well as building practices that respect the needs of people and the environment, contribute to more sustainable communities.

Why does it matter?

We need to plan, build, and sustain the built environment in our communities in a way that meets current and future needs. Challenges such as greenhouse gas emissions, finite natural resources and sprawl have environmental impacts that are affecting our quality of life and causing communities to rethink building practices. We need approaches that address the ongoing challenges of population change, affordability and finite natural resources.

What do we fund?

We have an interest in land use and real estate practices that respond to current challenges through advancements in land use policy and planning, and design practices. These include projects in community planning, design and development, green building and affordable housing.

We look forward to sharing more of the stories of the work we are privileged to fund. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for more!

- Jack Wong


View some of the sustainable built environment projects we have funded.

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