CEO Blog: Why We Care About Local Food

BC Produce. Photo: Flickr

This week we look back on the work we have funded in Sustainable Food Systems, one of our granting program areas. Our CEO Jack Wong takes a closer look at what this means, and why the Real Estate Foundation believes it important to healthy BC communities.

What is a Sustainable Food System?

A sustainable food system is one that looks at the big picture: production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food, and waste diversion. BC communities are facing challenges – such as climate change and development pressure on agricultural land – which affect food security.

Why does it matter to you?

Local food systems are a vital part of vibrant, healthy communities. In partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, we commissioned a public opinion study in 2014 on attitudes toward food and farming in BC. We learned that people want growing food to be a priority for land use, and they are concerned – about the protection of farmland, and about where our food comes from.

Why is the Real Estate Foundation involved?

Research has shown us that sustainable food systems are vital to building resilient communities, and that food is recognized as central to family, community and cultural integrity. We have a particular interest in land use projects that remove barriers and embrace new ideas and practices for sustainable food systems in BC, in a way that enhances community well-being now and for future generations.

This includes projects involving land use planning, policy, regulation, design, mapping and feasibility studies that seek to improve our access to local food.

I hope that you'll join us as we look back on some of the great work we have been privileged to fund, as part of our Path to Change.

- Jack Wong

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