Indigenous Community Planning: Partnerships and Hands-on Learning

Picture of Program leads and practicum students

The Indigenous Community Planning Initiative is a five year pilot project. The Real Estate Foundation awarded a grant of $316,723 to support an adjunct practice professor position. Photo: Jeff Cook, UBC Scarp

In 2011, the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia granted $316,723 to UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP). This was made to support an Adjunct Practice Professor position which gives planning students, who generally work in a classroom setting, an opportunity to mentor with an Adjunct Practice Professor experienced in First Nations issues and gives the student planners a practical, hands-on planning experience, working in partnership with host First Nations communities.

We are excited to launch the latest in our Project Spotlight Series videos, which profile and highlight some of the work we have funded, and the issues and challenges they address.