POLIS Foundation

State of the Water Movement Report

Freshwater sustainability is vital to healthy communities and natural environments, and is one of the Real Estate Foundation's grant program focus areas. In September 2012 we co-published a report with the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance at the University of Victoria indicating that British Columbia could become a global leader in freshwater protection and sustainability.

Comox Valley Project Watershed Society

Keeping It Living

Keeping It Living is guided by the phrase “return of abundance,” which comes from the name “Comox” (“K’ómoks”), means “land of plenty or abundance." With a mission to bring about the return of abundance, the Keeping It Living project is dedicated to the “preservation of marshes, sloughs, mud flats, gravel beds, shore grasses, shrubs, forest, streams, rivers, and watersheds that provide nutrients to nourish estuary life.”

BC Real Estate Association

Floodplain Mapping Workshop

On March 8, 2013, the British Columbia Real Estate Association hosted a workshop in Vancouver to examine the state of floodplain maps in BC. Many maps are 20-30 years out of date so some local government decisions on zoning, development, and infrastructure are based on inaccurate information.

This collaborative project invited a range of organizations from all levels of government, First Nations, engineering, and insurance and development industries.

UBC Design Centre for Sustainability

Sustainability by Design

With populations on the rise and aging infrastructure struggling to meet the demands placed on it, sustainable design has become a necessary part of community and regional planning. It’s certainly important in Greater Vancouver, where the sea and mountains — key reasons why this area is so desirable — limit the amount of land available, calling for high-density housing and planning that will serve the region for years to come.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC

Sustainable, Healthy Neighbourhoods

A growing body of research is showing that land use practices which promote climate protection and environmental sustainability also enable healthy living (walking, cycling, eating fresh food, and civic engagement). Consequently, there is increasing interest among the health sector for the promotion of walkable, compact, “smart growth” communities.


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