Mortgage Brokers Association of BC

Online Courses for Mortgage Brokers

With the current real estate market, mortgage brokers are more in-demand than ever. Given the inherent responsibility their position carries, it’s important that they stay abreast of everything from regulatory changes to developments in industry best practices. Therefore, the Financial Institutions Commission introduced new relicensing education requirements in 2010 to promote professionalism and instil consumer confidence in the industry.

UBC College for Interdisciplinary Studies

CIRS is for Sustainability

Innovation is the name of the game for the University of British Columbia (UBC) and its researchers. This year the focus is on sustainability in a very big way with the opening of the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) at UBC’s Point Grey campus in Vancouver.  Dedicated to “research collaboration and outreach leading to workable solutions for the challenges of urban sustainability,” CIRS is the most innovative building of its kind in North America.

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation

Living Streets

In Metro Vancouver, many communities are bound by busy streets because of the overwhelming number of cars on the road. This usually stems from out-dated city planning that focuses on commuters and provides limited routes for cyclists and pedestrians. This is where Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) comes in. A leader in creating sustainable transportation solutions since its inception in 1991, BEST’s mission is to create healthy communities around walking, cycling and transit.

Real Estate Foundation of BC

Gaining Ground: Resilient Cities

With issues of climate change becoming increasingly urgent, in 2006 the Center for Urban Innovation launched Gaining Ground, a conference that focuses on urban sustainability. While the first three conferences were held in Victoria and two others in Calgary, the sixth annual gathering—Resilient Cities: Urban Strategies for Transition Times—was held in Vancouver in October 2009.


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