Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue

Planning Cities as if Food Matters

North American society is at a stage when we are being challenged to blur the edges of urban jungle and rural landscape. Farmlands are disappearing while cities continue to expand. At the same time, food security is a growing concern and there is an increasing demand for locally grown food as a result of worldwide food shortages, increasing costs of transportation, rising food prices, rapid seafood depletion, and use of fertilizers and pesticides.

City of Abbotsford

Abbotsford's Harmony Flex Housing Project

On June 11, 2010, Stephen Mullock, Real Estate Foundation governor, attended the opening of the City of Abbotsford’s Harmony Flex Housing project. The townhouse development provides 11 homeownership units for low income seniors and people with disabilities. This is part of the City’s larger goal to provide affordable housing options to its most vulnerable citizens.

Green Bricks Education Society

Green Bricks is Educating for a Green Future

As the environment increasingly becomes a social concern, Green Bricks is empowering Grade 10 students across the province to integrate the principles of sustainability into their lives. From classroom presentations introducing topics of sustainable land use to discussions regarding policy change, Green Bricks aims to personalize the issues and provide students with practical tools to integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives. 

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Institute for Sustainable Horticulture

With food production and distribution being affected by climate change, population growth, and rising oil prices (among other factors), there has never been a better time to investigate sustainable options for agriculture in both urban and rural regions. The production of food and the care of the land it’s grown on must nurture ecosystem health, or we risk losing the ability to cultivate that land in the future.


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