Alternative Sources of Capital for Social Housing

What happens when governments have limited funds to invest in social or affordable housing initiatives?

Access to capital has been one of the critical issues affecting the health and long term viability of social and affordable housing. Policy makers, housing providers and other stakeholders have sought various ways to bring capital into the sector in order to address growing demand for such housing.

Local Food Futures for British Columbia – Regional Dialogues and Report

We, along with the Sustainable Food Systems Working Group, hosted six regional dialogues on sustainable food systems around the province in 2014.

Our report, Local Food Futures for British Columbia, identified local food leaders expressing a strong desire for a regional vision for food systems that mentor new farmers, protect farmland and improve access to local food.

Province-wide priorities for action included:

Selkirk College

The State of the Columbia Basin Boundary Region

In 2012 the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute (RDI) at Selkirk College assumed responsibility for the State of the Basin monitoring program, piloted by Columbia Basin Trust in 2008 to provide information on the region's economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being.

In taking on State of the Basin monitoring and reporting, the RDI sought to improve the program by:


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