Regional District of North Okanagan

To develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation program for its recently adopted regional growth strategy.

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Managing Growth in the North Okanagan

During 2012 and 2013, the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) developed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation program to track progress on its 2011 regional growth strategy. The initial program established a baseline of information and will help identify actions that may contribute to a more sustainable region.

The program is a combination of quantitative monitoring indicators and measures of public perceptions of life in the North Okanagan. Over time, results will show how successful the RDNO is in managing growth, and the impacts of growth, in nine policy areas: urban containment and rural protection, agriculture and food systems, water stewardship, environment and natural lands, economic development, transportation and infrastructure, housing, governance and service delivery, and energy and emissions.

As part of this initiative, the RDNO invited North Okanagan municipalities, residents and other stakeholders to have input. Participants helped identify indicators and prioritize actions. Some stakeholders also committed to take specific action in support of improved outcomes, and to assist with monitoring activities.

As a result of the RDNO's extensive research, consultation and structured decision making, the project produced several deliverables, including the three reports available here:

Our grant supported the development of this program, which will give the RDNO a way to assess its regional growth strategy. As a robust and well-documented model, the RDNO's program also may guide other regional districts as they establish and revise their own monitoring and evaluation programs.