Simon Fraser University City Program

The city of Burnaby is a busy transportation hub in the midst of Metro Vancouver. (Photo: PictureBC)

To develop and pilot curriculum for a Certificate in Transportation program, geared toward transportation and land use professionals in BC.

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Certificate in Transportation Course Development

Begun in 2012, this project laid the groundwork for a new certificate program in transportation to be offered through SFU City Program.

With strategic input from an advisory committee comprised of industry, academic and professional leaders, the project involved program concept and curriculum development, and piloting of the first course offering.

The program is aimed at mid-career transportation and land use professionals and decision makers in BC. Its focus is building knowledge of transportation planning models that link the design and delivery of transportation systems to sustainable land use strategies.

The first course, “Next Generation Cities and Transportation,” saw 14 professionals enrolled. SFU also delivered a public lecture on transportation, “Sticks, Carrots and Tambourines: Actively Learning from Copenhagen’s Transport Successes, Part I” by Andreas Rohl (watch video).

The Foundation is now funding the next phase of the program to develop three more courses:

  • Next Generation Transportation – Economic, Financial, and Technical Tools of the Trade
  • Multi‐Modal Transportation for Regions and Networks
  • Multi‐Modal Transportation for Neighbourhoods, Corridors, and Sites

This will complete the full roster of four courses to be offered through the Next-Generation Transportation Certificate Program.