Stewardship Centre for British Columbia Society

The Nuttall's Cottontail is a "blue listed" species in BC; that is, a species of special concern due to its particular sensitivity to human activities or natural events.

To support education and outreach activities associated with the "Species at Risk: A Primer for Local Governments" online tool.

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Species at Risk Primer for BC

This Real Estate Foundation grant helped the Stewardship Centre for British Columbia Society to update and develop a new section of Species at Risk: A Primer for Local Governments. Five new Stewardship Practices Guides were incorporated into the resource.

The Species at Risk Primer is an online tool that lists the presence of species at risk by regional district and municipality. It provides a context for the Species at Risk Act by emphasizing how to integrate information about endangered, threatened and vulnerable plants, animals and ecological communities into land use planning and management, and the benefits of doing so.

After updating the primer, the Stewardship Centre conducted outreach and education with land use decision makers, including local governments, private landowners, agricultural, conservation and stewardship organizations.

This project improved access to information on management and development practices that can uphold requirements to provide “effective protection” under the Species at Risk Act. It also provided valuable peer learning and networking, connecting participants to a growing body of stewardship practices and implementation strategies, and to the “stewardship champions” leading them.