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Mole Hill is an area of downtown Vancouver where heritage houses were preserved for affordable housing. (Photo: Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons)

For one year of full-time reporting coverage, public engagement events and interactive digital mapping on affordable housing.

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Affordable Housing Solutions for Greater Vancouver and BC

During 2013, the Tyee Solutions Society produced a year of full-time reporting and public engagement on affordable housing in the Lower Mainland. Drawing on issues and initiatives in Vancouver Victoria, New Westminster, Toronto and San Francisco, the project presented possible housing solutions for greater Vancouver and other BC communities.

The project delivered 32 in-depth features and 11 shorter news items. The complete series, Finding Home: Affordable Housing Solutions for Greater Vancouver and BC, was produced by the Society and its media partner, The Tyee, and was shared by additional media partners. A compilation of all the articles was distributed to a handpicked list of over 700 policy makers, stakeholders, and municipal and provincial leaders.

In addition to news stories and investigative journalism, the series produced photo essays and videos such as False Creek South: An Experiment in Community. It included a seven-part series of public writing submissions on renter experiences in Vancouver, and a public storytelling night and panel discussion about rental housing issues.

As lead funder, we were pleased to enable this project, which moved discussion on housing issues beyond short‐sighted daily news coverage or academic theorizing to an accessible illustration of how people are affected by policies, market conditions and community factors in relation to affordable, accessible housing.